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     All Beiing Akso matorials fulfil the standard EN 13795.such as low number of particles, aạbsorptioncapability, impermeability to micro-organisms and tear strengtl  more than fullfilled .We co-operated with certifled suppliers ,and you can be certain that  the products used by them are subject to high quality standers.



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SMS SMIMS SMMS material is campoaed of 2layers of spunborded fabricand 2layers of Me t blown fabris.the polypropylene fibres have the advantage of building barriers againest bacteria and repelling blond and other liquids. With good tensile strength high filtration,lint-free breathable,Material can be with  Anti-alcohol, anti -blood, anit-static ,anit-oil and softness treatment Application:Gowns&Drapes. Sterilzation Wrap


Spunlace Material

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Spunlace nonwoven consist of a fleece material, structure due toits skin comfort with its soft texture, smooth surface, lint-free, high wearing comfort, breathable, tear-proof, against bacteria and repelling blood and other liquids, High repellent esp. against bacterial transmission Application: Gowns&Drapes, Towel   

Dual-layer Material

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With its absorbing and liquidtrapping property double layer material has become more widespeadly. During the surgery, the top layer ishighly absorbent material, quickly absorbs any type of liquid that comes onto the cloth and PEfilm creating the bottom layer prevents absolute liquid penetration. Its high barrier against bacteria ,impermeability to blood and other liquids, lint-free, good drapability. Regular two style: 1. Absorbent PP +PE, 2. AbsorbentViscose+PE

Aplication: Drapes, Equipment Cover, Reinforced Area


Trilaminate Material

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A combination of Spunbond PP+PE film+Absorbent viscose ,absorbent in top layer, fully liquid resistant in middle layer and PP fabric in contact with patient’s skin, Which is meant to prevent to prevent hypothermia of the patient during long operations. Its high barrier against bacteria, impermeability to blood and other liquids ,lint-free, good drapability

Application: Drapes



Medical Tape

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Medical tapes which have non-irritating characteristic to skin, are used for securing the cloth to the patients skin or for creating a barrier around thsurgery zone. It minimizes the microorganism transfer from or to thesurgery zone



Incise Film

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Incise film layer which has non-irritating characteristc to skin, helps to maintain good adhesion by adding it alone in the surgery zone. It also creates a barrier against 1maintain good adhesion by adding it in between the clothes during surginfections




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