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  • Product Training

    Product Training

    All the members of foreign trade went to the factory in Xiantao, Hubei province to learn more about products, production equipment and process, also the package and so on. The factory was founded in 2003. After nearly 7 years of struggle and struggle, we has gathered a large number of young, ca...
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  • Merry Christmas!!

    Merry Christmas!!

    In order to give back to new and old customers, customers who place orders before December 31 will enjoy 10% discount. Beijing Akso Healthcare Co., Ltd. a professional company selling medical consumables.the founder Alice, whose grandfather was a famous Chinese doctor. He had helped many people w...
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  • Why wear a surgical gown?

    Why wear a surgical gown?

    Why wear a surgical gown? Hand-washing clothes are used in the operating room. Before wearing them, they need to be completely clean, just like the operating clothes. Surgical clothes are mainly worn by doctors, while hand-washing clothes are required by doctors and nurses entering the operating ...
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